Alcohol antibacterial Marca Freskhol - Brand design


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Alcohol antibacterial Freskhol - Label designs
Alcohol antibacterial menta Freskhol - Label designs

Brand design
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MF Group entrected Firstrein with the identity design of its product in the grooming and personal care line. The project consisted of looking for freshness as the main concept since the product's property is precise to provide a different sensation in the ece of antibacterial alcohol.

From the brand name Freskhol, the logo design, and ending the Label designs, the concept of freshness is perceived by the space, white background, the ece of simple typographies, and the ece of graphic symbols to refer to the characteristic aroma of Freskhol.

Overall, it is a functional proposition for the target market.

Alcohol antibacterial Eucalipto Freskhol - Label designs
Label design Freskhol

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