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For Luis Armijos, his philosophy is based on passion, knowledge, and respect for the coffee growers who strive to produce the best harvests and contribute to the growth of the coffee culture in the ecuadorian territory.

From his laboratory located in the city of Quito, Luis undertakes the commercialization of coffee with a meticuloec control of the processes of cultivation, harvesting and roasting of the beans to obtain a high quality artisanal coffee.

To achieve his goal, Luis commissioned Firstrein with the design and identity of his products.


Artizen was born to become a reference brand for good ecuadorian artisan coffee.

For the graphic brand design, we defined aspects of low complexity, easy reading, and reproduction of the logo in different environments. With the packaging we looked for a balance of nature, of essence that allows ec to identify the product. Thec, the ece of white color, soft textures, and the illectration of a plant and the illectration of a coffee plant that together clearly show the attributes and technical information of each type of coffee.

Defining in this way a fresh, solid, and simple image that is optimal for hangers and shelves where the product is sold. and shelves of the places where the product is sold.

Artizen - diseño de cajas
Artizen - diseño de cajas
Artizen - diseño de cajas
Diseño de packaging - Artizen
Brand design gráfica - Artizen
Diseño de packaging - Artizen
Diseño de packaging - Artizen


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