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Packaging en ecuador


Did you know that the packaging design of your product is the differential point between the success and the failure of your project? You may find that observation exaggerated, but think about the following: can someone get to know your product if they don't feel attracted by the packaging design first? Now that we are clear about the importance of packaging in our brand, another question arises. How to make a good packaging design?

Steps to keep in mind:

  • Design an excellent Briefing: A briefing is a document where the objectives, marketing and sales strategies, statistics and target audience of the brand are captured.
  • Market research: Market research is a guide for your business decisions, gives you information about your market, competitors, products, marketing and customers.
  • Diagnose the current package: During this step it is important to review the history of the current package and the behavior of the package, it will help you decide which elements remain in the design and which should be updated.
  • Identify brand values: Values are at the very heart of your brand. They are the center from which everything revolves including the design, voice and customer service relationships of your brand, it is very important to identify these values and try to translate them into design.
  • Brainstorming: It's time to write down all the design ideas you can think of. Remember not to discard any, no matter how absurd it may seem at first.
  • Select the proposals that best fit the company's briefing.
  • Build approved proposals: Keep in mind the mechanical strength of the package and sealing conditions.

You already know the most important aspects when designing packaging, but there is something else. Don't forget to be innovative, it's true that when we think about the design of the package, the visual image and the material of the package comes to mind, however, the shape of your package can be your hallmark. How? Many companies have chosen to make a difference with the shape of their packaging.

An example of this is the franchise chain of convenience stores Ministop in Japan, who in the design of the packaging of their French fries portrayed the characters of Dragon Ball in its phase of "super sayayin", creating the optical effect of seeing the potatoes coming out of the packaging as part of the golden hair of the character in the box. Another great example of this was the proposal launched by Mc Donald´s called McBike, with this proposal Mc Donald´s sought to refute the idea of associating their fast food with obesity, so he designed a package in which food could be carried in a very practical way on a bicycle, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.

As you have seen, designing the packaging of your products should not be left to chance, because it depends on the success or failure of your brand, the market is increasingly saturated with new brands. Don't let yours be one more! At Firstrein we have a team of creative professionals who will help you make a difference and be closer to success.