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Three important reasons in your packaging

In marketing it is known that 85% of a customer's purchase decision is influenced by emotion and how do you make your product provoke emotions? Through the communication campaign! In this sense, the packaging of your product is an important part of the communication campaign.

No one is going to buy your product if you can't connect with your market niche. That's why today we'll tell you 3 reasons why it's important that you take care of this aspect in your company.

I.- Attract your customers

Además de proteger del ambiente exterior del producto que tú elaboras, el packaging tiene la capacidad de atraer al cliente, pues está comprobado que en un estante muchos clientes compran un producto por el aspecto que tiene su empaque.

Not in vain do companies invest a lot of money in market research to identify, colors, designs, types of packaging that attract different market segments.

II.- Presentation

Los empaques te permiten ofrecerle al cliente una rápida y concreta información de valor en relación al producto contenido. Si logras diseñar una campaña comunicacional informativa que en un vistazo le provea al cliente información útil, existe una mayor probabilidad de que el cliente haga la compra.

If a product does not contain in its packaging relevant information for the customer that allows him to make the purchase decision quickly, the customer will go to the competition, because it will be difficult to be disposed to investigate the product.

III.- Diferenciacón

One of the most important elements of marketing is the differentiation from the competition, if you do not differentiate there is no real reason to choose your product. So the packaging allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition, especially when it comes to a brand that is positioned in the market, because the customer can quickly locate your product if it relates to your corporate colors.

Although if it is decided to change or renew packaging, it will be necessary to promote a strong communication campaign that positions the new packaging of the brand in the mind of the consumer.

One of the most recognized examples of packaging differentiation is the packaging of an iMac computer or an iPhone..

Now you know why it is important to take care of the packaging of your product? Sure, because in general it helps you to sell more. These three points exposed above tributary to the same objective to sell more.

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