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Importance of Adhesive Labels on a Product

At present, adhesive labels have become a fundamental part of any product , as they not only fulfil their function of providing relevant information in the informative and legal fields established by each industry, but also constitute a great opportunity to attract and capture your target audience with visual strategies such as creative and eye-catching graphics.

When building a label it is vital to know 4 parameters that must be met:

  • Product identification
  • Product description and information
  • Promotional text
  • Current regulations according to the industry

There are different types of label classification that can vary depending on the type of product and the industry to which it belongs:

  • Brand and Manufacturer
  • Instructions
  • Warning
  • Formulation and ingredients
  • Persuasive
  • Informative

In Firstrein we have highly trained designers in design and construction of adhesive labels according to the needs of the product and your niche market.

Our task is to determine the customer's needs based on the product to be marketed, i.e. whether the product is solid, liquid, frozen, etc. Depending on the previous characterization, the package can vary considerably. We help you to determine which type of material is most suitable in each case. We can build labels that can be printed on various materials such as adhesive paper, cardboard, cardboard, polypropylene, vinyl, among others.

As Graphic Designers, at Firstrein we have the responsibility of defining the strategic approach for each brand and product . We convey a clear, clean and easy to interpret idea to the end consumer by highlighting the advantages and properties of each product. We are aware that an adhesive label becomes the letter of presentation of a product, is the visual bridge between the brand and the customer. For this reason in the design phase we take into account the colors, shapes and fonts that can awaken sensations and emotions in the consumer.

Let's take as an example the design of labels for dairy products, the information we find in the labels of this type of products fulfills a double function, on the one hand, it allows us to know the main characteristics of the product and also gives us relevant information about the quality of it. To avoid misinterpretation by the consumer, labelling must be clear and concise. By means of the labeling in the dairy products the consumer can know the nutritional characteristics, composition and of manufacture to determine if it realizes the purchase or not. This information must be supported by a striking graphic line that reflects the identity of the brand and the value that this product provides unlike others that compete with it.

Finally we can affirm that the label is a fundamental part of each product, by making a correct harmony between the information and the image can be obtained as a result a call to action, either to purchase or preferably. A label can help you to consolidate your brand or product in the market. Remember that the first impression is what counts!