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Tips of Naming

Creation of Naming

On countless occasions we have heard about branding and its importance and impact on our entrepreneurial projects, however, a very important question arises. Where do I start? Maybe for some it is not logical but the first step is the NAMING Why? Having a proper name will make the brand more attractive.

NAMING is the process of naming or naming your brand or product and although as already mentioned is one of the most important steps in the process of branding unfortunately a large majority resorts to ease resulting in a decrease in their chances of success because a proper name makes it easier for the consumer to remember our brand and therefore it will be easier to choose our brand over others. remember that the better you make the process of NAMING the better starting point you will have!

In a previous article we mentioned some aspects that you should take into account when looking for a brand name among which were: phonetics, concordance and length. Today we will help you with some additional tips to make this process a success.

Five tips to create a good naming:

1. Make sure that the name you choose evokes the values you want to transmit:

Communication is an extremely important aspect when linking a brand with certain types of customers so analyze well if what your name conveys looks attractive to the target of your brand.

2. Analyzes the names of competitors:

This is the time to start differentiating us so don't fall into the trap of using names similar to your competition.

3. The meaning:

If you want to expand your company and want to reach abroad, try to analyze the meaning of your brand name in other languages. Don't forget that you only have one chance to create a good name, so don't miss any details!

4. Appearance:

What does the printed word look like? Sometimes we just look at how loud the name is, but remember that the NAMING will be printed in a multitude of formats so make sure it looks good.

5. Credibility:

Surely you know the importance of the first impression, so analyze if your name generates reliability.


It may seem obvious, but there are those who feel so overwhelmed by the task of creating a good NAMING that they forget to investigate if it is available so they have to do what they least thought of, they have to choose a random name. Remember that currently there is a huge cumulus of brands and it is likely that the name you choose is already in use so when you go to register your trademark has other possible options.

After reading this article you may conclude that it is not an easy task to select a good name for your brand or product and it is true. The truth is that tasks like this are best left in the hands of experts. At Firstrein we have a team trained to perform this task in the most responsible way possible, so do not hesitate to write us and we will give you the help you need.