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Naming for brands


Having a brand idea is much easier than naming it. All entrepreneurs know it, first you have the concept of what you want to launch into the market, but getting a name that meets the characteristics to position in the market requires taking into account certain aspects.

Over the years, marketers have discovered the importance of defining a good name that allows the brand to position itself in the mind of the consumer.

As preliminary advice to the choice of name we recommend two very effective exercises, one of them is the famous brainstorming or brainstorming, there you can put all the ideas that come to your mind in relation to the possible name of your brand, once you have them, according to certain criteria such as: phonetics, rhythm, differentiation, you can begin to discard those who do not meet the standards.

Here are some tips for you to give your brand a good name:


It is important that you listen well to the name of your brand, repeat it as much as necessary to identify if it sounds good, because remember that it may end up in radio or television ads. Also you can avoid cacophonies, or difficulties in pronunciation, always remember the easier to pronounce, the easier to remember will be.


The name must contain the branch to which the brand belongs, i.e. indications to the consumer of what it is, this will facilitate the positioning of the brand in the market. In addition it must have a meaning at least for the company, must project the personality of the brand so that customers can recognize in it the values of the brand. Don't use words with negative connotations.


It is super important that you take care of the length of the name, the experts in naming suggest that it does not exceed the 7 letters, in syllables could be between 3 and 4 as maximum.

Final Considerations

The name of your trademark must be unique, otherwise you may have legal problems, you must have at least three options in case your country's registration already has a trademark with that name.

You must also try to make it last in time, fashions or trends may not work in the long term, forcing you to change it later or remaining as a relic of the past, so it is better to be timeless.

It cannot, under any circumstances sound like competition, there must be an element of differentiation very clear to the consumer.

At Firstrein we offer the naming service, where a team of creatives with experience in the sector can advise you or create the name that will give the best performance to your brand in the market.