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Branding and logo design


The identity of your brand is fundamental, especially in these times where the image is the reigning, so you must try to truly represent the values of your brand, but also meet certain parameters that allow you to be more successful in the market.

With the contributions that have been made from psychology and neurology in relation to the psychology of colour, for example, the importance of colour in the receiver has been identified, as certain colours are associated with certain emotions; there are also other elements that were not previously given so much importance or were used unintentionally: such as the symbology of typography and even the arrangement of the elements.

The first thing you have to be clear about is that the general objective of all brands in the world is to generate trust and recognition, starting from these two principles and with the help of a brand brief that summarizes the objective, mission, vision of the brand, the public the objective and values and human projection of the brand you can proceed with confidence to the design of your logo.

3 elements that a logo must have


Almost always less is more on design issues, so a simple design is ideal for your brand to succeed with corporate identity. The general recommendation is that you use a maximum of three colors, try that these colors are flat so that they can go on any surface (you never know the future scope of the brand) and use a font that is legible, so you will quickly understand the name of your brand.

Good references

Learning from the experience of others is always one of the tools that will allow you to be creative and take positive elements and avoid the negative ones of other brands. In this sense, the most memorable brands are simple, with typographies, isotypes that represent very well the service or product offered by the brand.


Brand logos have to have characteristics that allow them to be versatile because they can be on the web, but also printed on a business card or even POP material, that's why you must take care that the designer makes it vectorial (so you can scale it to different dimensions), that works in black and white and can have a vertical and horizontal layout.

There are other more general aspects that you must take into consideration: you cannot lose sight of your competitors, seeing their corporate images will help you generate an original that stands out from your competitors. On the other hand it is very important that you take care that there are no figures or words that can lend themselves to free interpretations that distort the sense of the brand.

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